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Olga Smirnova 10/27/19 Raymonda


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I've watched the first two acts. The video quality has varied from excellent to slightly out of focus to freezing. I keep switching around -- rewinding, then fast forwarding and such. By doing this I've seen almost all of everything and most of her finest dancing. For me, it's certainly worth the effort. This is perhaps the best that I've seen her do and the entire production is very fine.

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Saw it at the theater today. Never saw the full length Raymonda. I'm partial to Balanchine's Raymonda Variations. The theater was fairly full but unfortunately, there were hardly any ballet students. The audience is mostly made up of older Russians who don't look like dancers!

There was an almost missed lift with Olga but he held onto her. She bobbled a left pirouette near the beginning. I thought some of the lighting was too dark. Overall, enjoyed it. I wish Russians wouldn't stop the continuity of the performance with bows after almost every solo or pas.

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Glad that you got to see it all uninterrupted and enjoyed it, Balletgirl22sk.

I’m on my second time through and the video quality was fine for the first half hour, now a few freezes.

Recommended so far — 30:40 and 42:00.

It seemed like she was dancing constantly the first 30 minutes. Apparently there are five solos for her in this ballet and then....



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It sounds wonderful! I am glad you both enjoyed it. I wanted to see it in the cinema but didn't have the chance.

It seems like you need an account to view it online. Please excuse my asking, but  is there something you need to do  or a time you need to wait  before you are able to sign up? Or is it limited to certain countries? I've been trying to sign up but to no avail.

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I watched it yesterday in the cinema.

I found Olga did not respond to the music well in Act I, especially in her multiple variations. At first, I thought it might be the broadcasting problem. But her previous video clips on Youtube show the same problem.  It turned better for Act II and III. I love her Grand Pas with nobility and femininity.

The overall arrangement of  Act I was so boring. Fortunately, Igor Tsvirko spiced it up in Act II.

Elizaveta Kokoreva, a new graduate of Moscow State Academy of Choreography, was very lovely in Grand Pas Variation. 

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Still viewable.

Highly recommended: The final duet of Act II at 1:53:30.

This is perhaps the highlight for me. Olga Smirnova's sculptural positioning is magnificent.


(also 'handclap' solo at 2:49:20 is exquisite)


A1EV3, I don't know what to recommend about access. I assume mine was registered when I bought tickets to the theater a few years ago. Folks at Balletco. Forum have been discussing this. You might want to take a look. Amelia suggests this. Thank you.

There are 3 ways to watch "Raymonda", Alison. Check if they work for you. The first one is of much better quality. 😍





If you are still struggling, try to re-register. On the Bolshoi website, in the top right corner, there is a little icon - "You Tube". Click it, then click “Subscribe” and it will let you watch …

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I also saw it yesterday in the movie theater. Agree that it was too dark.

I've seen this production once before in cinema, but I've never seen Raymonda (other than the Balanchine takes on it) in person. A lot of the dancing was beautiful and I especially enjoyed the third act, but I just don't find this production as a whole to be very compelling. 

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I love this production of Raymonda.  I think some of the effects for the corps, such as when we first see them grouped together, are particularly beautiful!  Belyakov was absolutely spectacular and I also thought Tsvirko was well cast.   I do like Olga Smirnova very much as a dancer, but she did seem extra cool to me in this video - it's a minor point, but I think a softer stage make up would make her look less severe.  

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3 hours ago, Buddy said:


Thank you very much! Unfortunately it seems to have been taken down but I got to see a bit of it, which was very nice. Hopefully I'll eventually have some luck with the Bolshoi site. Even if not, I'm sure clips will turn up elsewhere.

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Glad that you got it solved, A1EV3.

Because all links seem to have been ended I'm changing the topic  title to.... 

"Olga Smirnova 10/27/19 Raymonda" from "Now ! Olga Smirnova Live Raymonda"

There was a lot of exceptional beauty to be seen. I'm glad that some of us had a chance to view it at home. I seldom get to see nearly enough of the outstanding Olga Smirnova, so I was particularly happy.

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