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World Ballet Day Live full schedule


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1 hour ago, sandik said:

I can only imagine how difficult it is to organize 24 hours of moving target live "television"  I do love the idea that somewhere, someone is always taking morning class, but it's also interesting to see what companies decide to feature in the pre-recorded sections.  (a tiny plug for Pacific Northwest Ballet's video of their Dance for Parkinson's project!)

Good point. Most of the small companies - and any sort of special event program - have to stick to pre-recorded video. And the videos are going to be varied and often worthwhile.

There's still the big problem of how to let the world know that there is this thing called World Ballet Day, and watching part of it will be worth the effort. It's still amazing that many, many dance enthusiasts don't know when WBD is, or how to access the broadcast.

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Realising at the time that the Bolshoi's Sevenard/Rodkin rehearsal was pre-taped I still enjoyed it very much.

Such things as the pleasantness of the Allash and Akimov classes do point to a desired standard for human relationship at the company.

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