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Tatiana Legat

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This is a very nice and interesting interview with Tatiana Legat, now répétiteur at the Mikhailovsky Theatre, married to Yuri Soloviev and hailing from a dynasty of famous Russian ballet artists. She recalls some of the most famous names in ballet history. I’m going to put this here because her longest dancing span (30 years) was at the Mariinsky and her family history is so tied to the company.

“If you go to a competition and see good hands, the dancer is likely from a Russian school or has a Russian instructor. 

“Word has it that you are exceptionally kind to your girls.

“I rehearse with the entire corps de ballet. Everyone knows that this is the hardest thing to do, and no one wants to do it. You must hold the line, whilst having your legs perfectly turned out at the correct angle and staying in time with the music. Every day, it’s the same drill. A corps de ballet dancer’s work is hard, but essential. There is no theatre without the corps de ballet.

“I think our corps de ballet is just about beginning to come into its own. The girls are so lithe, graceful, and energetic! Our girls have good form. I work hard on them, but without shouting. I go up to them, talk, and explain how I used to do it. And I feel that bit by bit I am winning them over. Being strict is all well and good, but you have to love them.”


(thanks to Katharine Kanter at Dansomanie)

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