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PROMOTIONS 2019/2020

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21 minutes ago, MadameP said:

Vladimir Shklyarov has just announced on instagram the promotion of his wife, Maria Shirinkina, to First Soloist!   FINALLY!!!  She is one of my favourites!

One of mine too. Good to hear. Thank you. 

I can remember telling her at a reception at the beginning of her career, that I thought that she was a beautiful dancer. I've been telling her that even since at ongoing receptions.



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Some really great news today - Maria Bulanova has been promoted to Second Soloist, bypassing the Coryphee rank!    She is a wonderful, dramatic ballerina with real presence on stage and acting ability!   I am so pleased for her, and hope to see her in many more roles now!  Congratulations!

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1 hour ago, Leah said:

Bulanova is removed from the website. It seems that a lot of the inactive dancers were also removed, hopefully this is just a mistake?


Maria Bulanova is still listed as dancing in the the role of Zarema in Fountain of Bakchisarai on January 25 of this year.  Oh I hope it is a mistake that she has been removed as she has been given some great roles and is a lovely dancer.

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