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ABT 2020 Giselle Durham, N.C.

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And it's only in response to c

41 minutes ago, Lena C. said:

I echo this 100 percent. 

Agreed.  Having now seen the her comments, I think the criticism is overblown.  Only in response to people asking her whether she will perform Giselle in DC does she say, "I hope!!"  I see no problem with that.  And I love seeing her rehearsal videos and wish more dancers posted them.

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On 9/9/2019 at 10:34 AM, ABT Fan said:


Tommy Forster gets his Albrecht debut in N.C. opposite Murphy on 3/29!

He hasn't been cast with her in DC though, but perhaps that will be updated shortly.

So, we should get to see Forster's Albrecht at the Met next summer!!

(Side note - disappointingly, Lane hasn't been cast as Giselle in N.C., but I have a feeling that may have to do with Simkin's availability.)


Oh no, I just looked at the calendar and Murphy's Albrecht is now TBA. Say it ain't so 😢😭

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44 minutes ago, nysusan said:

Oh no, I just looked at the calendar and Murphy's Albrecht is now TBA. Say it ain't so 😢😭


1 minute ago, nanushka said:

That's not how it appears to me. On March 29? It's listed as Murphy/Forster/Teuscher as of now.

I'm so sorry, I was looking at the February DC Giselles.  VERY glad to know that I was mistaken. Now here's to hoping that he gets the open DC slot!

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3 hours ago, canbelto said:

Ok one thing about those videos is that right now from what I can see Brandt projects a very hearty, healthy village lass. I'm less convinced about clips of her in the second act. 

A hearty, health village lass - that's perfect!  You brought a smile to my day.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm loving all the videos. I just meant that it seems a bit too much if she's just vying for a cast spot at this point. I hope she gets cast, and I'm sure she will (eventually). If she's the right Giselle then she should get cast. If another dancer is a better Giselle, then said dancer should be the one getting a debut. It's just that if I were her, I'd take it down to about a 4. But that's just me.

Also, there's absolutely nothing wrong with publicly saying you want to dance a certain role. It's no different than dancers answering the oh so common question "what is your dream role?" For instance, we all know Sarah Lane really wants to be Juliet, and there's nothing wrong with that. Lots of dancers want to be Juliet. I'm sure she wants to be Juliet sooner rather than later. Saying that in an interview is no different than Brandt posting on IG that she hopes to dance Giselle this season.

We don't even know if ABT even has plans to train another Giselle for this next season. We'll find out soon, I guess.

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3 minutes ago, fondoffouettes said:

Brandt reports in her Instagram Stories that she’ll now be dancing opposite Cornejo on March 26. I assume she replaces Copeland? (Apologies if this has already been reported in another thread.)

Yes that’s correct. It was briefly discussed in the ABT Spring 2020 discussion.

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