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Toni Morrison passes away

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I had the honor of meeting Toni Morrison,  who was a close friend of a relative of mine.  She was a charming,  down-to-earth,  warm and witty person,  who wore her honors and accolades lightly.  Hard to believe that she was eighty-eight as she was so young in spirit and outlook.  May she rest in well-deserved  peace after a life well lived.

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Former president Obama posted a nice picture from Morrison's Medal of Freedom ceremony.


Obama is also a long-time admirer of Toni Morrison, and in 2012, he bestowed upon her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At the ceremony, Obama spoke about Morrison's grit as a single mother who carved out time to write 11 beloved novels. "Circumstances may not have been ideal, but the words that came out were magical," he said.


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