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Ashley Laracey and Troy Schumacher Expecting Twins

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What great news! I like the banner she’s wearing, of her sonogram pictures. She looks very happy. Last time I saw her dance, must have been in fall 2018, she looked alarmingly thin. Now she looks radiant. All the best to them. And I hope she returns to NYCB. Her dancing is ethereal.

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So happy for them! Based on the #twinsisters, I’m guessing she is having girls.

I’ve always been a fan of Ashley, and I really hope she decides to return! Looking through her pictures she posted/was tagged in the last few months, I can’t believe she was pregnant (and with twins, no less!). She looks beautiful!

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Looking back, it's pretty impressive how much she danced this past spring (including several debuts, if I'm remembering correctly) while presumably dealing with the usual fatigue and nausea that accompany the first trimester of a pregnancy.  And twins!  Wow!

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