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RDB at the Joyce (NYC), 9-14 July

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The last time that the RDB soloists were at the Joyce, they alternated the traditional and the then-new Hubbe version of Sylphide A2. In the Hubbe edition, Madge is a man.

Happy to read that Sorella Englund is back as Traditional Madge!

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12 hours ago, canbelto said:

I reviewed it for bachtrack; you can find it on the website. Overall I did not like their weirdly cut La Sylphide but the second half was wonderful. 

The Jockey Dance!  I love the Jockey Dance!!

Oregon Ballet Theater did Napoli last year, and one of the thrills was to see the total stage picture, full of everyone.  I'm sorry that the Danes couldn't bring that part of the work to NYC with these performances, but I suppose some Bournonville is better than no Bournonville!

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I'm sorry that this current tour does not include young RDB principal Andreas Kaas. He and Ida Praetorius' Flower Festival PDD was one of the highlights of the last tour to the Joyce, 3-4  years ago.  Kaas was also a member of the RDB group that performed at Jacob's Pillow last year. Also, if memory serves, he was both the on-stage and 'private life' partner of Ms Praetorius. I'm surprised that he's not here this time. I miss him. He's a fantastic stylist, with natural sparkle.

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On ‎7‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 5:01 PM, Jane Simpson said:

Kaas is recovering from an injury and has not been on stage for some months.

Thanks. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery.


Among the newer male dancers on this tour, I've become smitten with  the charming and high-flying Liam Redhead of Canada. What a joy he is in the Lifeguards on Amager pas de trois! True star power for the future.


Tall blonde Jon Axel Fransson of Iceland was also impressive in the difficult Kermesse in Bruges pdd. His Eleonore, Stephanie Chen Gundorf, is a true gentle beauty, in the Mette Ida Kirk mold. If Bournonville were on the regular company rep, she would be their star...although I maintain total respect for Ida Praetorius, who was commendable in the reduced Sylphide Act II.

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On 7/15/2019 at 3:54 PM, Roberta said:


One of the original Billy Elliots. No wonder, so much stage charisma. This guy gobbles up the stage with his presence.

Yes, I loved Redhead!   Aside from gobbling up the stage with his presence, he gobbles it up with his jumps.  I literally thought he was going to run out of stage a few times.

I also enjoyed Marcin Kupinski as James, as well as his second act divertissements (The playbill said he's originally from Poland). 

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