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ABT 2019 Vail Dance Festival

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ABT has posted the ballets they're bringing to Vail on their website (yet they're still not on Vail's site). No casting is mentioned.



Let me Sing Forever More (no mention of the choreographer)
Swan Lake Act II pas de deux


James Whiteside World Premiere
Sinatra Suite
Don Q Act III pas de deux
Jardin aux Lilas (can we hope this will be scheduled during the Fall season?)

Also, Royal has posted on his Instagram that he'll be doing Apollo and is learning it from Damian Woetzel. That's apparently not part of ABT's schedule, but Vail's regular dance programming.


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if ABT does Lilac Garden in the Fall, I will be thrilled.

I've seen my fill of Sinatra Suite, but I think they would revive it for Herman Cornejo.

 I don't recall that Damian Woetzel ever did Apollo at NYCB.  I always wished for it, but it never happened.  That was the era when the role always went to Boal, Hubbe and Nilas Martins only.  The only other member of NYCB during that era who did the role was Philip Neal, but he did it with the Suzanne Farrell Company, not at NYCB.

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5 hours ago, abatt said:

I don't recall that Damian Woetzel ever did Apollo at NYCB.

That seems to be correct, but here's a review of him dancing it (not with NYCB) in California in April 1995:


Flash forward nearly 11 years to last weekend, when two "Damian Woetzel and Friends" programs at Cal State L.A. featured the standard abridgment of Balanchine's original "Apollo," danced with the boyish vigor that Woetzel has never lost in his career as a virtuoso principal at New York City Ballet.

From "The Young Apollo" to the real "Apollo": Call it a special homecoming for a balletic local hero.

However, Balanchine's "Apollo" has never been in Woetzel's City Ballet repertory and, these days, the ballet itself languishes as a kind of freeze-dried cultural monument everywhere except Miami. Woetzel's promising interpretation seemed headed in the direction of Villella-style muscularity: an all-American athlete-deity definitely in need of the Muses' influence.

Unfortunately, Amanda McKerrow, Julie Kent and Melinda Roy proved bloodless as his Muses and the feeble taped music coming out of the Luckman Theatre loudspeakers also kept this "Apollo" from ever reaching Olympus.


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