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Medora’s Entrance, Le Corsaire

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This Wikipedia page says that it is Pyotr Gusev's 1955 version of Le Corsaire that was performed by the Kirov in 1989. Although the original score was composed by Adolphe Adam...

"Gusev called upon the conductor Eugene Kornblit to fashion a new score for his production. Although the ballet master retained the traditional interpolations as handed down from Petipa's Imperial-era productions, he discarded nearly all of Adam's original 1856 score in favor of music fashioned from passages lifted from Adam's 1840 ballet L′Écumeur de mer (The Pirate) and his 1852 opera Si j’étais roi. With this new music, leitmotifs were created for the ballet's main characters."

Welcome to classical ballet.  ;)   If you could find a copy of the DVD, it's possible that the titles of the music movements are provided in the printed notes.

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