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I just saw the latest installment in the Keanu Reeves John Wick franchise;  the theater was packed in the early afternoon.  I knew that Unity Phelan was featured as a tattooed ballerina in an assassins' ensemble,   run by Anjelica Huston as a Russian ballet mistress from hell.  But I was surprised to learn that the choreography we see in a fragment of a ballet was by Tiler Peck,  and,  as they say in the film business,  that it didn't suck.  Would love to see more work from her.  

Dance is featured in a number of current films.  (I really enjoyed the wacky sequence performed by Rachel Weisz  and Nicholas Hoult  in The Favourite.)   While Girl,  the controversial film about a transgender dancer seems to have made little impact,  it was interesting to read reviews of it by critics with no knowledge of ballet who found the classroom and rehearsal sequences fascinating.  Other than the protagonist,  the dance students were,  happy,  lively and engaged in their studies,  unlike the usual film depiction of ballet dancers.

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