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Bolshoi 2019/20 Season

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Are we sure that Ratmansky's GISELLE for the Bolshoi will be a reconstruction? It doesn't seem so, by these words in the Fathom Events site:

In this brand-new production, choreographer Alexei Ratmansky brings a new look to this icon of classical ballet. Captured live from the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, this fresh perspective is not-to-be-missed!
Cinemacast set for Jan 26, 2020.
Just so it's not set in some mental institution or underwater...
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Of course we shall have to wait until the new production is unveiled to find out what approach Ratmansky has actually taken but I should have thought that, given what he has done with his other productions of nineteenth century ballets, this Giselle will, at the very least, be historically informed but that whatever his approach the iconic Bolshoi high  lifts will be retained. In a televised masterclass broadcast on the BBC about forty years ago Markova said that the text at that point in the ballet originally showed Giselle hovering above the ground. Somehow I can't see them being restored.The words "new look" used in the description of this production are wonderfully ambiguous.

They could describe a production which is historically informed in some of its elements which while it restores a bit more of the mime does not alter the familiar choreographic text that much or one which uses a choreographic text firmly based on the Stepanov notation with supplementary material enabling extensive passages of mime to be performed. Up to this point the Bolshoi appears to have been far more ready to accept full blown reconstructions of nineteenth century ballets than the Mariinsky has been. However the ballets selected for reconstruction at the  Bolshoi have not been works which have had a continuous performing tradition there or a text to which both audiences and coaches are emotionally attached and in which coaches have a great deal of professional capital invested as custodians of an authentic text and tradition.

Giselle is a core repertory piece with a local tradition which probably means that even with Vaziev's backing Ratmansky will be far more circumspect about what he changes than he would be working with another company.I am sure that whatever form the production takes it will be much more than a mere re-staging. I certainly intend to see the streamed broadcast of it.

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Maybe this is a little early as we’re still in the 2018-19 season but four recent grads are set to make their debuts this month

Elizaveta Kokoreva, Dmitri Smilevski and Maria Pozdnyakova in Taming of the Shrew


Ivan Poddubniak In Raymonda


his bio is even up already


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This may be a bit off topic but does anyone know why Anastasia Stashkevich hasn't done any performances for a while.  She is not scheduled too either.  Perhaps she is pregnant?  Hope she's not injured.  I like her.



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14 hours ago, volcanohunter said:

Stashkevich is on maternity leave. If you're looking for evidence, you can track down photos of Svetlana Adyrkhaeva's last birthday party.

Thank you for the update!  Glad to hear that she's not injured.  Congrats to her and her husband!

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