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SFB Departures 2019

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And from the Program 6 thread, re: Lauren Strongin: 



On 4/9/2019, pherank said:

Tonight's Instagram post by Lauren Strongin (regarding Die Toteninsel) gave me pause:

"This experience has been beyond all expectations. So thrilled to get out there one last time tonight. Thanks to all who helped me get here. It’s been a real dream."

I'm not sure yet what it means.





On 4/10/2019, volcanohunter said:

Evan McKie's Instragram stories today are valedictory in tone and state pretty clearly that she is retiring from the stage.

"Sending joy to you tonight for your SF farewell, my beautiful friend @lcstrongin"

"@lcstrongin, So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu. Beautiful princess. @sfballet"



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49 minutes ago, PeggyTulle said:

Elizabeth Mateer posted today on her IG stories (public) that Sean Orza leaving. 

I think Orza has been in the Corps now for 11 years - that's a long time. If this is true, I wish him well.

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I can't tell from Madison Keesler's wording whether Sean Orza is retiring from ballet, in general, or just San Francisco Ballet. But I wish him well.
I hope all these dancers are able to find quality work with other companies.


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2 hours ago, pherank said:

Posting by Mathilde Froustey:

"Lauren [Strongin] ... You are doing today what every dancer fears all their career, today your are dancing your last show and taking your last bow.
We’ll miss your presence and your beautiful and refined artistry.
I’ll miss your smile and your subtle way to exist in this ballet world."


That's just beautiful. 

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Aaron Robison's post about Lauren Strongin says something curious:

"A few memories from the one time we danced together! What a joy it was indeed🙏🏻😊 Congratulations to the beautiful person and artist that is @lcstrongin on a remarkable career! "

Is it really possible that at both Houston Ballet and SFB, Strongin and Robison were only partners once?


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On 5/14/2019 at 9:17 PM, PeggyTulle said:

Also Solomon Golding :


Wow, what a beautiful post Solomon Golding wrote here. Wishing him, and other departing dancers, all the best. (And sorry PeggyTulle, for some reason I can only post my reply here, which looks like I'm hijacking your post! - Terez






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1 hour ago, naomikage said:

Misa Kuranaga will join SFB

Thanks Naomikage. We have a couple of threads for that kind of information:

People started chatting about the personnel changes here:

But there is also this "promotions" thread:

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28 minutes ago, PeggyTulle said:

Koto Ishihara announced she will be dancing with National Ballet of Canada (she is listed as a first soloist in the second IG pic):

Her friends have been congratulating her for awhile, so we've been waiting to finally get the details - thanks.  ;)

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I apologize for having no idea how to reproduce an instagram post here, but this is what I just read in A.S.Scheller's instagram:

New news soon!!Former principal with San Francisco Ballet and principal with New York City Ballet 

If I understand that correctly, she already is a "former principal with San Francisco Ballet". She's not listed anymore in the SFBallet website as a principal dancer either.


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