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Season 2002 -- 2003

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It was in today's Globe-but I'm not too savvy about linking!

"Maelstrom" (Morris) and "In the middle somewhat elevated" (Forsythe)

Onegin (Cranko)

after Nutcracker "La Fille mal Gardee" (Ashton version)

Balanchine program: "Movements for Piano and Orchestra" "Ballo della Regina" "Prodigal Son"

"Romeo and Juliet" (van Dantzig)

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Hello.I actually have a question about the programs for Boston Ballets next season.I read an article in, I believe, the Globe that listed the ballets for next season, and the balanchine program had two ballet I was not familiar with.They were the Movements for Piano and Orchestra and Monumentum something or other.The other Balanchine pieces were Prodigal son and Ballo de La Regina.I know that Prodigal Son has been danced in other companies,but what about the other three?Especially the two I don't know.do they go by other names?( I think some balanchine Ballets are called other things depending on the context in which they are used.Like "Rubies" is called someething else when it isn't part of "Jewels")The entire season looks really exciting for the company.It looks like they are going to be doing some good dancing.I was just really curious about the balanchine pieces.I love Balanchine and I am excited to see the program no matter what,I just wanted to know a little more about the ballets.thanks.

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bijoux, you can discover information on all the New York City Ballet's repertory on their website. Here are the pages for the ballets you mentioned:

Monumentum Pro Gesualdo: http://www.nycballet.com/about/rep_monumentum.html

Movements for Piano and Orchestra: http://www.nycballet.com/about/rep_movements.html

Ballo Della Regina: http://www.nycballet.com/about/rep_ballo.html

Monumentum and Movements were actually created three years apart, but since Movements entered the repertory they have always been performed together. You're lucky to be able to see all of these ballets, since they're not often performed by other companies. :D

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Does anyone know if Hervé Courtain will stay with the Boston Ballet for another season, or if he'll go back to POB?

(By the way, bijoux, the other name for "Rubies" is "Capriccio"- it's because the score's name is "Capriccio for piano and orchestra". I agree that having two names for the same work can be a bit confusing sometimes...)

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Well, there was some information about Courtain

in a link which was posted yesterday: he'll leave the Boston Ballet, and will probably come back to Paris. Good news for me, as I consider him as one of the best POB sujets, but I hope that he'll be cast enough...

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