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Alexandra Tomalonis to Receive the Pola Nirenska Lifetime Achievement Award

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The Washington Performing Arts Society (DC) has awarded our very own founder, Alexandra Tomalonis, the Pola Nirenska Lifetime Achievement Award!

Pola Nirenska was a Polish-born modern dance choreographer who settled in Washington DC after emigrating to the US.   She was trained by Mary Wigman and danced in Wigman's company.

Congratulations, Alexandra :flowers:.

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It looks like the citation comes when the award is presented.  Sometimes, the presentation even makes it to YouTube!

Websites are not their strength, as far as I can tell, but a search reveals that Alexandra will join Virginia Johnson (2009) and Suzanne Farrell (2017) as a recipient.

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Thanks to all of you! The notice that I received said: 

"On behalf of Washington Performing Arts and the Pola Nirenska Award Committee, we congratulate you on your nomination this year as the 2019 recipient of the Pola Nirenska Award for Lifetime Achievement which honors your service to the local dance community. As a dance writer, critic, and educator, you developed awareness of dance for DC audiences and heighten the level of dance produced professionally. 

"We are looking forward to officially presenting the Pola Nirenska Award to you later this year. " 

Don't know the date.

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So pleased to see this. I was one of many writers for Washington DanceView in the late 70s/early 80s -- virtually unlimited space, which was unheard of elsewhere. And a lot of free tickets to great stuff during the dance boom! Richly deserved award - congratulations!

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