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"On Point" magazine?

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Wonder if anyone can help. I am looking for an article in the summer 1976 issue of “On Point” (vol.2, no. 1). This periodical was published from 1975 by the American Ballet Theatre, New York, but it does not seem any libraries in the UK (where I am based) carry it. 

I would be most grateful for further information as to where I might find a copy. 

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 I've never heard of this publication and wonder if it's still being published.  i assume you're not referring to Pointe magazine because I don't think it goes back as far as 1976.  You might ask at Ballet Review, based in NY. The writers there seem to know everything about ballet.  Or the Jerome Robbins Dance Division at the NY Public Library.  Good luck!

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ON POINT was an in-house publication by American Ballet Theatre, it lasted any number of years, but has since ceased publication: it seemed to have been distributed to donors and/or ABT subscribers; and was not otherwise available for sale or subscription.

I imagine ABT may have a complete set archived but i don't know if anyone in the org. is available to handle requests for photocopying particular parts of particular issues.

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts may have archived copies, but that's only a guess... 

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On 5/3/2019 at 3:04 PM, rg said:

what is the subject of the ON POINT article?

The title of the article is “Inheritance: an historical overview of the Sleeping Beauty”. It's written by Tobi Tobias.

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