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Violetta Komyshan

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Curious if anyone is familiar with Violetta? 

I came across Violetta as a performer in the recent Brendan Fernandes event at the Guggenheim. Was surprised to see she has 1.1 million Instagram followers! The only other ballet dancer I’m aware of with anywhere NEAR that many followers is of course Misty. Yet there is not too much information on Violetta’s dance career available and I don’t think she is well-known to balletomanes (correct me if I’m wrong!) 

She apparently was a member of Michele Wiles’ Ballet Next company previously, but isn’t part of the current website’s roster of dancers. She is friendly on IG with some of the ABT dancers like Isabella Boylston and Paulina Waski, posts some pictures from the ABT rehearsal studio, and is a co-host for their spring gala (along with her boyfriend the actor Ansel Elgort).

Has anyone seen her dance? I wonder where her relationship with ABT is headed. 

Her Instagram is @violetta. 

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She is (was?) dating the movie star Ansel Elgort (well, apparently he's a movie star) and they met as children/teens at SAB. Can't speak to her dancing career but the relationship explains her amount of followers.

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She may be working more as a model/muse for photographers than as a dancer (although I don't know that for certain). I know Nisian Hughes has photographed her, and his work is shown around the Internet quite a bit.
Here's one of his portraits of Komyshan:


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