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La Bayadere -- Mikhailovsky

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In all honesty, several minutes into the magical Shades scene I thought that if I ever were in Heaven these were the ones that I would want to see there. Actually, for several minutes I may have been there.

First of all, they were so darn Likable, especially Svetlana Bednenko as Nikiya. In addition, she had one quality of many that captured me. She had a way of β€˜snapping’ herself into perfect position at the critical moment. This was most noticeable during the very difficult lift, swinging her from the man’s waist to his shoulders. When it looked like he was barely going to make it she seemed to take charge, once again rapidly and perfectly adjusting herself into a totally successful completion β€” very impressive !

Also very likable and competent was Ernest Latypov as Solor, a debut for him. He has a very pleasant manner and was a very fine partner

The highly talented Angelina Vorontsova was Gamzatti. The facial exchanges between her and Svetlana Bednenko were exceptionally engaging. Svetlana Bednenko was a worldly innocent while Angelina Vorontsova moved between haughty and sympathetic, being almost embraceable in her quieter moments. At times I tend to like her the best when she’s the most relaxed.

There was a freshness to this La Bayadere as it moved unburdenedly into the heavens. The entire cast hadΒ  an animated charm and delightful presence.

There’s probably no company in Russia that can touch the Mariinsky or Bolshoi but this was as an enjoyable and *Embraceable* an evening as I’ve ever spent at the ballet.

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I saw Duato's La Bayandere on mezzo tv.

Nikiya-Angelina Vorontsova
Solor-Victor Lebedev
Gamzatti-Andrea LaΕ‘Ε‘Γ‘kovΓ‘

Everything was great, the dancers, the costumes, the sets, the directing, the filming, but ...
I think Duato didn't offer anything that made the choreography better than it was.
I found it very supposedly and in some places pointless, as he removed elements and added others that didn't help tell the story and develop the characters.
I only liked the third act as the changes were fewer, and the dancers, as in the whole show, were very good.

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