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Jovani Furlan joins NYCB

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14 minutes ago, Kathleen O'Connell said:

The list so far. Is anyone else missing? 

Ib Andersen
Charles Askegard
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux
Erik Bruhn
Joaquin DeLuz
Lindsay Fischer
Gonzalo Garcia
Nilolai Hübbe
Leonid Kozlov
Robert LaFosse
Ask la Cour
Sean Lavery
Adam Lüders
Peter Martins
Robert Tewsley
Mel Tomlinson
Helgi Tomasson
Igor Zelensky

Andre Eglevesky

Jeroen Hofmans

Jeppe Mydtskov

Ivan Nagy

Otto Neubert

Ulrik Wivel

Erlends Ziemench

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2 hours ago, abatt said:

That ballet will never see the light of day at the Koch (or anywhere else)  again.  I remember Twesley partnering Whelan in Balanchine's Ballade, but they have never revived that ballet since. Tewsley left.   Why have they never revived that ballet in something like 20 years?

I often wonder this about Ballade. "Minor" work? Balanchine's "minor" works are almost always well worth reviving.


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57 minutes ago, Helene said:

Did Nilas Martin's ever go to SAB or apprentice at RDB?

Yes to both. From an old Chicago Tribune article (edited to add: actually originally from the Washington Post) : https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2003-03-13-0303130071-story.html

Perhaps Nilas Martins' life was too easy. Shortly after he became an apprentice with the Royal Danish Ballet, he was fired, he says, for "taking things for granted, in a sense." The company director insisted that he train somewhere else, England perhaps, but Martins didn't want to leave home.

The 17-year-old had nowhere else to go -- except his father's house.

Unlike his father, Nilas Martins didn't find quick acceptance at NYCB. The fast, aggressive technique Balanchine had bequeathed to his dancers was a drastic change from the lyrical Danish style, and Nilas spent two years at the School of American Ballet, NYCB's training arm, mastering the fundamentals.


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