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Bolshoi-KennCen tickets going fast; some shows sold out

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To all Washington-area readers:

Yesterday, I telephoned the Kennedy Center's Insta-charge office (202/467-4600) for 'extra' Bolshoi tickets, above & beyond my subscription night. Box office for single ticket sales opened at 10 am; I called at 10 am; was on hold for 30 minutes; by the time my call was answered, almost ALL seats were gone. No joke. Thank goodness that I was able to obtain a single seat for each of the shows that I wish to see. However, when I tried to purchase adjoining seats for friends, they were unable to get me anything decent.

Bottom line: RUN to the telephone, with your credit card, if you would like to see the Bolshoi in DC. The engagement is as follows:

Tues., June 11 - "Evening at the Bolshoi" (gala of many excerpts)

Wed, 12th - Swan Lake (Grigorovich vers)

Thurs, 13th - Bayadere (Grigorovich vers)

Fri, 14th - Bayadere

Sat, 15th matinee - Swan Lake

Sat, 15th eve - Swan Lake

Sun, 16th matinee - Bayadere

- Jeannie

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One additional note: the opening performance on Tuesday, June 11, which will feature the Bolshoi Opera Chorus as well as the ballet, will begin at 7:00 pm, not 8:00 as originally stated. The KC took the trouble of phoning me (a subscriber) to let me know.

Roma, the "Friends of the KC" (e.g., folks who give money) get first crack at advance sales, a month or more before the general public, which is why the tickets go so fast.

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Subscribers can buy 'extra tickets' from April 1 to April 9. Same ole 202/467-4600 InstaCharge number, though. Although I am a legit subscriber (Tuesday nights), the operators have never asked me for any special identification or subscriber number, whenever I make such calls...which leads me to believe that all folks can call in...hence, my desire to let ALL OF YOU know about this.

I wouldn't wait 'til April 10 to call.

Ari - They called my voice mail to alert me about the 7 pm starting time for the gala, too. I've written it on my ticket.

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