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Pennsylvania Ballet's Finances

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I had originally posted the following in the 2017-18 thread:

"I took a look at Pennsylvania Ballet's 2015 and 2016 form 990 filings, which are publically available at Guidestar. For the 2015 filing, revenue exceeded expenditures by slightly more than $2 million. But for the 2016 filing, year-to-year revenue declined by close to $3 million while year-to-year expenditures increased by slightly over $1 million. (For the 2016 filing as a whole, the company ran a deficit of $2 million.)"

Pennsylvania Ballet's 2017 (08/01/16-07/31/17) form 990 is now available at Guidestar. The company's revenue rose year-over-year from $11.75 million to $15.48 million -- an increase of $3.73 million. Expenses rose modestly from $13.75 million to $14.07 million -- an increase of $320,000.

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