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A Man On The Moon

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In my dance travels, I have been sometimes overwhelmed as a kind of "lonely guy" out there. As anyone knows who has tried to navigate the big cities of the world all alone, that experience can be a rather "icy" undertaking. So I am wondering if someone could recommend an alternative such as  travel groups whose objective is to visit the great dance companies of the world based on a preexisting itinerary? Or, perhaps there is an alternative way to connect with fellow balletomeres and venture forth as a group to these various dance destinations? 

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Tours en L’Air whose organizer sometimes posts here does ballet travel trips —likely there are others. I have never done one of these but may in future for the same reasons you give.. I am on an iPad and can’t do a link, but I’m sure if you google “ballet travel” WITH “tours en l’air” or some such you can find it. You can do searches on this site as well.

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On 2/19/2019 at 3:29 AM, volcanohunter said:


I haven't been on one of the tours (yet), but I do know @kbarber, and she's delightful. Her tours have lots of unique extras because she knows ballet people everywhere.

I have to agree with the above suggestion to contact KBarber about Tours en L'Air.

There is also Travel for the Arts

and Martin Randall Travel

But Tours en L'Air may be best for ballet opportunities.

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