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2019 Fundraiser


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From Helene and Victoria Leigh from Ballet Talk for Dancers:

Dear Members,

We are again at the point of needing to cover the costs of running Ballet Talk for Dancers and Ballet Alert!, and we need your help! Your donations are used ONLY to cover the fees to Invisionzone and the cost of the bank account services and PayPal. 

If you are using your phone, please scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Full Version," after which you should see the donation information in the top right of the home page. We are asking for $25 donations, but will graciously accept anything that you can do. The fund raiser will end as soon as we reach the goal needed to keep us afloat for a year. 



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We have completed and closed our 2019 Fundraiser.

Victoria Leigh and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who supported us.  Many of you are long-time supporters :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:.

I would like to apologize to those of you I haven't yet contacted personally.  This year has sadly been a comedy of errors behind the scenes, which started with me deleting our fundraising widget instead of editing it, and needing to go into our PayPal account to capture the button code.  This led to our discovery that our PayPal account was blocked -- we only access it for a few months a year during the fundraiser -- and that we needed to set up a new PayPal account -- Victoria is a saint, because try to get a human to speak to --  that our email accounts were intermittently not receiving any mail, we had various backend access blockages, an upgrade partially disabled our widget and disabled the one on BT4D, and that's just what I remember.  Victoria and I are still working on piecing together the donor list, and we're very close.  I'll be writing to donors this week.

Normally, we like receiving mail from each other, but for the last month, we opened each other's mail with great trepidation, 🤣.

And then I pressed the button to upgrade Ballet Talk for Dancers with a security patch that worked mostly for BA! (aside from widget issues), and I blew up BT4D, and the "self fix" instructions led me into an infinite loop.  It eventually was fixed by our hosts, but we feel a bit snake-bitten this year.

Except for you great generosity and patience.

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On 4/12/2019 at 7:43 PM, KarenAG said:

Helene, I have been offline for quite some time, so I will contribute to BA this week. Thank you, as always, to you and our BA community. 

I just sent a check, Helene, to the Abbotts Station Drive address. Thank you. 

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