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“Creating The Firebird” Mini-Documentary

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This 12 minute video documents many of the steps involved in creating a newly conceived The Firebird. It includes interviews with Ib Andersen (AD) and Maria Simonetti (Rehearsal Director), designers Fabio Toblini (Costumes) and Michael Korsch (Lighting), costume producer Eric Winterling,  and dancers Helio Lima (Prince), Rochelle Anvik (Firebird/Alien), and Arianni Martin (Princess).

There are some great sequences showing Mr. Andersen in his native environment (the studio) creating a new work and working with his dancers.

Not much in the way of dancing here, but many costumes are modelled towards the end. There are a couple of great stills of the ‘monsters’ at about 7:30. (They go by very quickly – you’ll have to stop the video to appreciate them.) The video was created about 4 weeks prior to the scheduled premiere of the show, to show to a Ballet Arizona Gala audience.

BTW, the sold-out Studio Spotlight mini-performance gave us a run through of roughly the first third of the choreography. Most interesting was the alien choreography – ultra high energy as danced by Rochelle, who makes for an appropriately tall, slim alien. No evidence of the birdlike movements of the Mariinsky's Firebird, which I enjoy, but would be out-of-place in this other-worldly environment.

Compare Fabio's alien costume sketch to the real thing at 08:00 in the video:


The Firebird and La Sylphide will be performed at Phoenix Symphony Hall on February 14 through 17, 2019 with the Phoenix Symphony.

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