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GuideStar Merges with Foundation Center to Form Candid

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GuideStar, the service that made 501-c (3) 990's available online, has merged with Foundation Center to form a new organization called Candid.

This is the text from an email I received today:

Hello Helene, 

Because you are a user of GuideStar, we are notifying you that GuideStar and Foundation Center have joined forces. Starting today, we will operate as a single, new nonprofit organization called Candid.

Foundation Center        +        GuideStar        =        Candid

All GuideStar products and services will continue to operate as usual. Your account or subscription will not change. Please be aware, you may receive communications about and from Candid in the future. If you subscribe to a GuideStar product, Candid’s name will now appear on your bill. We remain committed to ongoing enhancements and you can follow updates at candid.org. 

If you have questions or want to learn more, please visit us at candid.org or email us at answers@candid.org. We look forward to connecting with you. 

Thank you, 

Brad Smith 
President, Candid 
Former President, Foundation Center      

Jacob Harold 
Executive Vice President, Candid 
Former President + CEO, GuideStar

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