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A Futuristic Firebird: Aliens, Magic Crystals, and Warrior Princesses

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Below is the plot of Ib Andersen’s forthcoming other-worldly Firebird, as described in a recent marketing email. Mr. Andersen describes it as "sort of like Star Trek meets Lord of the Rings, maybe a little Game of Thrones, maybe a little bit of A Space Odyssey 2001".


In a remote place, the Prince and his crew explore a strange and mysterious object. The men are captivated and intrigued by its existence. Energy and light begin to escape from the object, and an alien starts to materialize before them. The men, astounded by such a wondrous creature, attempt to capture her. Powerless against the group, the alien submits to their strength. The Prince, realizing her distress, helps revive her and allows her to regain strength. Fully restored, the alien leads the Prince away from his crew, transporting him to the world of the Immortal Kastchei and taking him one step closer to his destiny. In gratitude, she bestows upon him a gift – a magic crystal – that will call for her assistance should he ever need it. The alien then disappears, leaving the Prince to wander alone.

Kastchei’s prisoners, the Princess and her tribe of warrior princesses, gather together for their daily recreation time under the supervision of Kastchei’s High Ranking Generals. While the women play, the High Ranking Generals fall asleep, leaving them unwatched. At this moment, the Prince suddenly stumbles into the group. As if drawn together by fate, the Prince and the Princess dance together and declare their love for each other. Lost in their own world, the two fall asleep in each other’s embrace. The group awakens and the High Ranking Generals discover the Prince and the Princess together. They rip them apart, seize the Prince and prepare to deliver him to Kastchei.

Kastchei arrives with a horde of his monsters, people he has captured and enslaved who have lost their humanity under his spell. He is angered by the Prince’s actions and attempts to destroy him. The princesses beg for Kastchei’s mercy to no avail. The Prince suddenly remembers his gift from the alien and uses it to call for her presence. At the last moment, she appears. Using her energetic powers, she forces everyone to dance wildly, draining them of their will and controlling them until they collapse. Instead, the alien forces the High Ranking Generals to destroy Kastchei and tear him apart. With Kastchei’s death, his evil spell is broken and the land is once again free. Their destinies fulfilled, the Prince and the Princess are crowned and all at the ceremony rejoice.

From Facebook, Fabio Toblini’s design for the Princess costume, modelled by Princess Arianni Martin:


Also from Facebook, juxtaposition of the evening’s two works: The Firebird and La Sylphide (Mimi Tompkins and Jillian Barrell):


A brief video to convince you this really will be different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uguFqt_qgcM

And a VERY brief interview with Designer Fabio Toblini, showing costume sketches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GUNAQydw6k

The Firebird and La Sylphide will be performed at Phoenix Symphony Hall on February 14 through 17, 2019 with the Phoenix Symphony.

The Studio Spotlight performance on February 1, 2019 will afford the first chance to sample the choreography of (hopefully) both works in the Dorrance Theatre (no costumes or sets). These one hour performances typically include interviews with dancers and artistic staff.


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