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Sleeping Beauty Act I Rehearsal Live Stream Thurs Jan 24 at 3:30pm PST

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They seem to have given up for today, Thursday, so I'm not sure what the "live" part of the term "livestream" means if it's a day old, but never mind, let's see what we can see.  (I doubt they sent their audience home, not to mention their dancers, just because of "technical difficulties", so the actual event must already have taken place by now.)

There's a statement of intentions in the live-chat thread on the relevant Instagram page:


@annae.wgn yes, it will be available on YouTube for one month afterwards.

That's one month from tomorrow, the 25th, as far as I can tell.

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I was able to watch what I think was all of the Act I rehearsal on Instagram stories (from Japan, no less; the time difference worked out well). Leta looked strong and joyful in the Rose Adagio, and I thought that Steven Loch was fantastic as Carabosse. Hats off to the many hard-working corps ladies, too, and their glorious unison work! It always warms my heart to see Francia Russell back in the studio alongside the current artistic team.

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