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MCB Program II. Dances at a Gathering. Brahms/Handel

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I went to the ballet last night and tonight. Same cast both times.  Dances at a Gathering is a ballet I don't particularly love, although I appreciate its poetry and musicality.  It is just too long and -(in my eyes)-repetitive. I always think of "In the Night as  "Other Dances" with a bit of a buster...and "Dances..." as "In the Night" in steroids.  I definitely like some of its numbers more than others.  The first male solo-(veteran Renato Panteado in brown)- was very charming, but I particularly liked the "green" girl solo, which I give my own little story of self reliance and "joie de vivre" no matter the circumstances.  I find the fact of anybody brushing off rejection or "invisibility" very alluring and encouraging.  And just as my life saying goes..."if it happens, fine...if not,  then fine too" .  Lauren Fadeley was that girl, and her particular buoyancy and strong persona she projects onstage might had added to the success of her solo.  I also loved Shimon Ito-(in brick)- and his relentless pursuing of Nathalia Arja-(in apricot).   

 Robbins/Tharp "Handel/Brahms"  was quite a musical/dancing extravaganza.  Dancers from the Robbins team owned their more classically inspired idiom, and Tharp's were showing more of her contemporary take.  It is all very fast paced, and quite interesting. A friend of mine from Cuba, not too used to the speed of American choreographers remarked that he was impressed by the speed and quickness of both the choreography and the dancers.  "That was a killer!" he told me.  And it is, it seem.  During curtain calls dancers were heavily perspiring!  The four soloists were Jennifer Lauren/Kleber Rebello and Nathalia Arja/Alexander Peters.  Bravi tutti!!

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