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Kirov conductor Viktor Fedotov passed away

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I was just informed of the death of Viktor Fedotov, the illustrious conductor of the Kirov Ballet whom Clement Crisp once described as the 'prince of ballet conductors'. His inspired conducting was always a highlight of the Kirov Ballet's London seasons in the past decade. I think that he was also invited to work with the Royal Ballet on more than one occasion.

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this is awful, and i am very saddened. he was a cheerful and kind person, and a wonderful musician and very thoughtful conductor. there are dancers who when i tell them will be very very upset, as i am as well.

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Very sorry and sad to hear this! I remember some very memorable performances he conducted in London - the only few occasions when I heard and saw him. He made especially Tchaikowski even more special than usual for me.

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Viktor Fedotov's death must have been very sudden, because he had been scheduled to conduct La Bayadere at the Maryinksy this week. According to the News section of the Kirov Ballet's website, there was a service this morning at the Nikolsky Cathedral in St. Petersburg before the burial.


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Sorry to read this news, Kevin. Fedotov will be sorely missed.

Thank goodness that some of his best readings of the great ballet scores have been recorded, most notably the 1895 Drigo-arranged version of the complete Tchaikovsky 'Swan Lake,' which is the standard arrangement for the dancing of that great ballet today (quite different from the original all-Tchaikovsky version). I believe that the CD of 'Swan Lake' with Fedotov conducting the Kirov-Mariinsky Theater Orchestra is still 'in print.' It's a great one.

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