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Hamburg Nutcracker with New Year's Eve surprises

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Yesterdays performance of John Neumeier's Nutcracker was full of wonderful surprises - and of a completely unexpected nature!

Not until we got the printed programme did we get a hint of something unusual coming up: For every  main roles, 3 or 4 dancers were listed, and among the names for the Marie's role was that of Alina Cojocaru, who is a favorite of mine. First I thought it was a mistake but the programmeselling lady  said (with a slightly mischievious smile) that it was not and that we should wait and see. Before the performance started John Neumeier himself appeared and addressed the audience with a little speech: Not only was it New Year's Eve, it was also the 300th performance of his Nutcracker, and therefore he had decided to make it a bit special: All the main roles were danced by 3 or 4 dancers at the same time, so that everybodies' favorite dancer would be on stage that night - so he said. It sounds impossible but it actually worked well and was absolutely hilarious to watch. Sometimes the dancers made the  steps completely synchronized, sometimes individualized, and sometimes they shared a solo by dancing in turn. Like Neumeier, with a smile, said in German, playing with the words (and therfore impossible to translate): "Sie werden nebeneinander, nacheinander und manchmal vielleicht durcheinander tanzen..." The stage was a bit crowded sometimes and it must have been quite a big job to coordinate it. But it worked marvelously and made the story even more fun or, maybe one shoud say, fun in an other way than the ordinary way.

A perfect New year's Eve treat!


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