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Ballet West's Nutcracker at The Kennedy Center

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I realize that this a strong proclamation, but I'm going to go ahead and say it: I have spent over half of my life in some capacity or another (dancer, choreographer, director, audience-member) involved with The Nutcracker and watching this production was like seeing it for the first time; I even surprised myself by how in-awe I was. Here's my review :)

Has anyone else seen it?

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PNB used to perform this version before Kent Stowell created the version with Maurice Sendak's sets and costumes.  I do recall it from my childhood, specifically the sleigh, and the multi-hued waltz of flowers.   But I was very young, so the memory has a lot of mists of time to occlude the specifics.  

Not everyone likes the replacement at SFB, the Williamsen version was very close to many hearts, but San Francisco has changed so much, that many of those people have moved away for jobs, affordable housing, etc.   Other than 'Filling Station' I wonder what other Christensen gems are out there, in need of revival? 

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Willam Christensen also created the first American versions of "Swan Lake" and "Coppelia".

in 2013 Ballet West reconstructed his version of "The Firebird" and in the late nineties they presented his "Nothin' Doin' Bar"

SFB actually had 2 Christensen versions of The Nutcracker - the original 1944 by Willam which Ballet West still performs to this day (which The Traveling Ballerina reviewed) and then from the mid 1950's through the early 80's his brother Lew's version when Lew took over as AD after Willam left to return to Utah (this is the version I actually grew up seeing). Helgi Tomaason staged his own Nutcracker ion the late 1980's.

"Filling Station" was actually created by Lew Christensen not Willam.

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3 hours ago, Ballet Lover said:

Willam Christensen also created the first American versions of "Swan Lake" and "Coppelia".

After seeing his Nutcracker, I would absolutely love to see W. Christensen's Swan Lake and Coppelia! Are they still being performed?

15 hours ago, Jayne said:

... the multi-hued waltz of flowers.

This piece is executed so well! One of the most engaging Flowers both for its costuming and staging.

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