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Hello !

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I've been reading your ballet forum for many years now, so I think it's time for me to register.

I'm a french balletgoer, living near Toulouse (south of France), where I attend performances of the Ballet du Capitole and of touring companies (mainly European contemporary ones). When I have time (and money) enough, I try to go to Paris or London.

I'll try not to be a "ghost member", but as writing in english is not easy for me, I must ask you all to be indulgent towards my mistakes.


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Welcome to Ballet Alert!, blishem!

Please do not worry about your writing: we will be happy to hear about what you see.  

Along with our ballet forums, we also have a forum for Modern, Contemporary, and other types of dance companies and performances.  Not many of us outside larger cities or university towns with arts programming get to see European contemporary dance.


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