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Conversations on Dance: Lourdes Lopez


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It was very good.  I find her so interesting, smart, and very "accessible."  She just does not appear to be super self-absorbed.

Any thoughts on her for NYCB AD?  She's had so much NY experience (didn't know that) and has been an AD. And she's getting this Dance Magazine award.  I just wonder which way the winds are blowing? 

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What stories Ms Lopez has, and what a perspective!! Imagine Balanchine telling you to watch from the audience and come back and tell him what you saw! Imagine that conversation with a 20 year old dancer.

I saw her dance Stravinsky Violin Concerto. It must have been mid to late 1980's, I can't remember if Balanchine had passed away yet. Lourdes Lopez was amazing in that role and I'd seen the original cast. The moment where the woman has her shin wedged up against her partner's chest and then turns away from him into an attitude to the back ... she just brought me to tears.

Thank you for posting this interview.

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