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Sleeping Beauty


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Did anyone else have a chance to see this production of Sleeping Beauty?  I saw it on the second evening with Jillian Barrell as Aurora.  She had an unfortunate slip after the rose adagio that I think only endeared her to the audience more.  She was clearly off during the balances in the rose adagio but powered through the rest of the performance.  I enjoyed the sets and costumes.  The dancer performing the lilac fairy, who I think was Amber Lewis, did a great job of carrying the story throughout.

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Oboerin, here are a few belated thoughts on Sleeping Beauty...

Regarding the Rose Adagio, two of the Auroras expressed their thoughts to the audience at the Sleeping Beauty Studio Spotlight preview. Jillian Barrell did indeed tell the audience that the Rose Adagio was not her favorite, and that it was a relief to get through it. (One can only imagine that it would be very stressful for any ballerina.) But, on the other hand, Arianni Martin, said that the Rose Adagio WAS her favorite and that she loved doing it!! I saw Jillian on a different night, and she pulled it off just fine.

I agree with you that Amber Lewis was an outstanding Lilac Fairy. She is certainly very versatile, and she seems to typically be cast in the more athletic, more dramatic (e.g. Gamzatti), or more comic (sister in Cinderella) roles that seem made for her. For this show, I thought that she appeared spectacularly serene, confident, and all-knowing - a perfect Lilac Fairy.

Another standout for me was Rochelle Anvik, in the role of Carabosse. Rochelle's Carabosse was deliciously evil. There was something about the way that she moved that exuded malice. This was especially clear as the other fairies surrounded her, imploring her to be kind. Her instantaneous switch in demeanor from saccharine to threateningly dismissive as she faced each fairy was superb.

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