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Justin Peck to Choreograph Spielberg Remake of West Side Story

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Now that there’s a bit of video out there for “America,” can anybody tell if it reflects the Gennaro/Robbins choreography? The PR for the movie still says that Peck is “reimagining” the original choreography, and I have no idea if that means he’s adapting it for Spielberg’s camera or replacing it all with his own steps.

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I don't think that this section looks all that similar to the original Gennaro/Robbins choreography.  You can see recreations of the original in these videos of Debbie Allen (in the 1980 Revival) and Charlotte d'Amboise (Jerome Robbins' Broadway).  I think the section in the video would be the eights with the big sissone toward the end of the music:




I'm actually more curious about what Peck is going to do about the Dance at the Gym.  I don't think I've seen a major revival get very far away from the segue from the Mambo the "Maria" choreography with the back-to-back finger snaps.

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