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Cleo Nordi

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My mother who will be 90 this month, was recalling being trained by Cleo Nordi. This would be about 1951-53. Her name then was Hildagarde Sommer, a nurse and French speaker. I was wondering if there was anyone still around who might have trained with Cleo Nordi at her private studio?

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Welcome to Ballet Alert!, DavidO: I hope you can get a good answer or lead here.

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Hello everybody, and especially DavidO and his Ma, Hildegard,

I have very fond memories of Madame Cleo Nordi. She took me on when I was 5 years old! She also organised my first ever appearance on stage in a lovely piece, part of a show by her pupils, where I played Little Red Riding Hood, aged 6. I think they had trouble getting me off the stage.

Only now when I am the age she was then, I realise with gratitude what a radiant and spiritual woman she was. She was uncannily skilled at releasing the freedom of movement with a tremendous holding discipline. When I twisted my ankle, she sent me to a wonderful English osteopath who had trained in Japan, I think, who discovered that the real problem was in the spine. She fixed it. I was never destined to be a ballerina, but I am walking to Compostella and what strength I have for that is partly due to her inspired and gentle encouragement all those years ago.

Finally, I note she has an entry on Wikipedia.

Best to you all,


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