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World Ballet Day 2018, October 2


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San Francisco Ballet tweeted that they didn't do it this year because of scheduling issues (by which I'm guessing they mean their upcoming tour) and that they will be involved again next year. I hope that is so.

Very grateful the Royal put their stream up on youtube which (for me at least) means a bigger, better picture!  Hope it stays up there at least a week or so--long enough for me to make my way through all of it. Per usual the company class--the one part I have seen so far--was wonderful to watch.

Looking forward to catching up with some other segments as well (PNB; parts of the Bolshoi I missed etc.).

Yes, the old days were easier. Also, I think, had fewer pre-packaged materials...I never watch everything so it's just an impression.

Would love to see ABT or NYCB involved.


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14 hours ago, volcanohunter said:

Now the Vaziev hollerfest begins. :yucky: Pre-recorded and subtitled this year. 

14 hours ago, Drew said:

(He is undoubtedly tough, but watching the dancers and reading the sub-titles...his corrections did seem pertinent.)

I had a hard time understanding how, when Vaziev told Olga to watch Ksenia without any context -- timing?  leg height? epaulement? spacing? alignment? arms? -- Olga was supposed to know what specific lesson Ksenia had to teach her.  Of course, this may be because I'm a civilian and/or the context might have been the last rehearsal or before the taping started, but I was at a loss and stopped reading the subtitles.  

I had a great time watching the Ballet Master at the Royal Ballet run the shades rehearsal, and aside from the schadenfreude of watching the "Nijinsky" excerpts, my favorite part was watching Olga Evreinoff teach company class at the Royal Ballet.  To me, a civilian, that class looked deceptively straightforward and so exposed.  The dancers looked like they were in agony doing those one foot presses: they sweated more doing them than in center combinations.  What an eagle eye she has.  And I loved her comment after one center combination, "That wasn't very popular, was it?"

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21 minutes ago, Drew said:

Also, I think, had fewer pre-packaged materials...I never watch everything so it's just an impression.

I'm not so sure about this; I think each of the presenters had pre-packaged materials in the past throughout their big chunks of time:  I'm remembering Birmingham Royal and English National ballet segments from the past during the Royal Ballet coverage -- I'm not sure about Northern Ballet -- Australian Ballet has had Royal NZ before and maybe Bangarra Dance Theatre, and I think the Bolshoi has, but I can't remember what.  I thought both Bolshoi segments were wonderful, both the Ural company and the segment on their sister school in Brazil.  I don't think this is the first time that a Japanese ballet company has had a package, and possibly the same company.  I'm sure they've shown the selection process for the school before, but not in as great detail.

NBOC and San Francisco Ballet have also had pre-packaged segments from a few NA companies each.  Houston Ballet has been creative in showing their programs from the school up to the company, and it was interesting to see the collaboration between them and Australian Ballet emphasized, especially on the Australian Ballet segment.   

I was glad to see that PNB's selection last year was a focus on the opening performance of "Symphony in C," and this year was a nearly uninterrupted studio rehearsal of the first half of "Dances at a Gathering."

Of course, there were more blanks with two major presenters MIA this year.

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27 minutes ago, Drew said:

San Francisco Ballet tweeted that they didn't do it this year because of scheduling issues (by which I'm guessing they mean their upcoming tour) and that they will be involved again next year. I hope that is so.


At least it made some sense in past, that during the SFB segment there were videos for PNB, Houston and other U.S. companies. It was all too diffuse this year. I liked the combined stream, personally, but it's good to hear that more regional companies are getting involved and putting videos online for WBD. PNB's choice of Dances at a Gathering rehearsal footage was a good one, imo.

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The lack of a combined stream would have been tolerable if there had been continuity and clear links to the next presenter, but having overlaps -- Houston Ballet was listed for 12:30-13:30 CDT, which is 10:30-11:30 PDT, and PNB's segment was 11:00-11:30 PDT -- was unprecedented.  (The Houston feed was still playing when I realized it was 11:31 PDT, and I just caught the end of Peter Boal's introduction, and I didn't hear a goodbye or closure on the Houston feed, so I don't think this was a typo in the schedule.)  

I abandoned ship after PNB -- I'd been up until 5am watching the Royal Ballet feed -- because I wasn't going to set alarms and sweat about the rest, especially since the transmissions were of mixed quality.  (Not the content, the technology.)  If it had been on continuously, I would have watched most of it straight through. 

I liked the Acosta segment very much and wished that there were additional packages from Latin and South America, and, oh, if National Ballet of Cuba would show class, I'd be in heaven.  

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I didn't get a chance to watch on Tuesday, but I always look forward to catching up by watching the streams that are available after the actual World Ballet Day. I do find that the YouTube versions are much more "user friendly" and high quality/higher resolution than the Facebook videos. I'm glad to hear that the Australian Ballet and Royal Ballet segments are already available...I know what I'll be doing this weekend :)

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Australian Ballet

Royal Ballet

Bolshoi Ballet
[Unofficial posts - I can update these links when the Bolshoi posts their official version (which may have edits)]
Part 1
Part 2

Paris Opera Ballet segment (unofficial)

In the absence of SFB footage we have Maria Kochetkova with Norwegian National Ballet - World Ballet Day 2018:

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Thank you. I am starting to catch-up though I expect I won't watch everything, but I have now at least seen the PNB Dances at a Gathering studio run-through  (and a studio run through almost feels an ideal way to watch that ballet even if it was only a portion of it), the Dutch National Ballet segment (chosen because Youtube directed me to it, but also worth watching if one admires Neumeier's Dame Aux Camelias), and the first two hours or so of the Royal Ballet video....

I also took a quick look at the Royal Swedish Ballet segment to see if I could catch a glimpse of newly joined company member Alessa Rogers -- much missed at Atlanta Ballet -- but unfortunately she didn't seem to be part of the rehearsal they were showing.

I also prefer watching on youtube.

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Weirdly, the WBD website homepage appears to have the entire 15 hours available as a single video (and they also link over to their Facebook page). I haven't had the time or patience to sit through it all, but if anyone wants to get a sense of how it all 'flowed' together, take a look.

On October 2, the WBD website was inaccessible for many of us. I did a server status check by way of the 'Is It Down Right Now?' website (www.isitdownrightnow.com), and they reported that "It is not just you. The server is not responding…probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem…"


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