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Iconic Arts - Ballet/Dance/Opera/Docu Downloads

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In case you do not know about this it's a website offering HD digital downloads for just a few dollars https://iconicartsintl.org/collections/frontpage

Ballets on offer https://iconicartsintl.org/collections/ballet   One has to register and for some of the downloads pass vetting which takes a day or two. For old-timers like myself who used to see opera and ballet at the ROH in the Nineties I recommend the following docu to revive memories of those golden Jeremy Isaacs years, when one could see two operas and one ballet over a long weekend https://iconicartsintl.org/collections/documentary/products/the-house-royal-opera-house-documentary-all-episodes

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Be careful with this website. 

1) Although Iconic Arts claims to be a 501c3 charity for US tax purposes, and actively solicits donations, I haven't been able to find it listed in any of the usual 501c3 databases. The website doesn't provide any details regarding its founders, staff, its board, where it is located, etc. They may well be legit, but their website is pretty light on the details that would allow anyone to check them out. 

2) Note the following disclaimer regarding copyright: "It is possible that this site may contain some copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner." Iconic Arts claims to be making copyrighted material available under the Fair Use doctrine.  Selling copyrighted material if you are not the copyright holder or have not been given the copyright holder's permission to do so - usually will not be construed as "fair use."

3) Iconic Arts claims that its prices are "donations" and that it is therefore not "selling" products in the traditional sense. Claiming that the price paid is a "donation" rather than a purchase does not make distributing copyrighted material for money OK under US law. 


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