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Peter Frame, Former Principal with NYCB, has passed away

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Very sad. When I came to this site & saw Peter Frame's name flash up next to Ballet News/Issues--I thought 'please, please, don't let it turned out he has passed away..."

May he rest in peace....

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I’m absolutely heartbroken to read this news. I was lucky enough to take Peter’s New York City Ballet workout classes when developed the program for NYSC. They were incredibly inspiring and he was such a sweet, encouraging spirit to be near. RIP, you will be greatly missed Peter. 

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This is so sad, and the intersection with both Frame's and Taylor's deaths, when Frame had been coached by Taylor in his "Episodes" solo when it was revived, is devastating.  Over the years, so many dancers have commented on what a lovely, kind man Frame was, and how much they respected him.

Rest in the peace you couldn't find on Earth, Peter Frame.

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The NYT obituary for has been published: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/01/obituaries/peter-frame-dead.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Obituaries

"Mr. Frame also taught his students to deal with emotional struggles that could diminish their love for the art form, his brother said.

'He taught technique, but he also taught dancers to become the emotions behind their dancing,” he said. “He empowered the dancers to look at what was holding them back and name it.'

Mr. Frame offered encouragement and empathy to students in a way that powered them forward in the rigorous world of ballet, said Elizabeth Walker, a faculty member at Ballet Academy East.

'As a teacher,” Ms. Walker said, “he saw the soul of the young dancer and really called it forth.'”

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There's a link in the NYT obituary to a Facebook posting of a clip from Episodes (I think it must be public facing, since I was able to look at it, but apologies if it is not).  A fascinating piece of choreography, and a very sad coincidence, to lose Taylor and Frame in the same week.

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This is such sad, sad news.   I remember Peter Frame but my knowledge and experience of ballet was in its infancy; my husband remembers him better than I.   Mr. Frame was by all accounts a devoted dancer, coach and instructor.  May he rest in peace.  

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I was so fortunate to have had Mr. Frame as an instructor for weight training during SAB's summers in 2008 and 2009.  I can't say I worked with him a great deal, but more than enough where he made a big impact on my approach to conditioning my body, technique, and mind.  His classes were challenging, not just physically but spiritually:  he always wanted you to discover your essence and purpose as a dancer. 

He was invested in every student and knew everyone's name the first day.  Regretfully he never taught technique at the school (at least in my time there), and even in those summers I remember wanting to take from him because his insights on dance were so remarkably keen.  However, he watched our ballet classes religiously and was always willing to help with a step or something you were struggling with.  Truly, he wanted everyone to succeed.  Even when students were sitting the halls waiting for their next class, he would be the first person to say hello:  Peter was warm, engaging, with no pretense whatsoever.  When I arrived for my second summer he instantly remembered my name and wanted to know how I had been doing.  I will never forget how generous, radiant, and physically perfect he was: he always looked a solid decade younger than his age.  

For anyone who is friends with Jock Soto on Facebook, he had the most beautiful tribute to Peter.  RIP to an uncommon man and teacher.  

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