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New Vienna “Sylvia” by Legris (after POB traditional version) to livestream Nov 24, 2018

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Heads up that this new production of the traditional French SYLVIA will be live streamed to subscribers (or single-ticket purchasers) on Nov 24. Legris suggests that his edition will follow the traditional stagings of the POB, mentioning Merante, Staats, Darsonval. The designs will be by L. Spinatelli, known for her very luxurious style. No minimalism here.

The full Vienna opera and ballet schedule of live streams, and information on how to book specific performances, is here:


Info on Sylvia bookings:


I wish that US theaters would offer this sort of thing to home-computer subscribers. Vienna is incredibly generous in its opera & ballet offerings. $16 for US-viewer ticket is well worth it, IMO. I’d pay $20 to “live-stream attend” ABT performances in my living room, wouldn’t you?

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6 hours ago, CharlieH said:

I’d pay $20 to “live-stream attend” ABT performances in my living room, wouldn’t you?

For ABT? No, I wouldn't.

I would pay up for NYCB.

I have bought a number of the Vienna State Ballet's streams over the years, but I've found the quality of the stream left a lot to be desired. What was perfectly adequate for opera didn't work well enough for ballet. When the picture and sound aren't perfectly synchronized, or the stream freezes periodically or can't cope with the rapidity of the movement, there's little enjoyment in the viewing experience, mostly frustration. It also isn't the strongest or most stylistically unified troupe.

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It depends on the technology chosen - there are seven or eight options - and your own equipment. It’s amazing that this possibility exists. Not every potential ballet lover resides in NYC or in a handful of European capitals.

I’ve ordered a number of recent Vienna ballet airings, including the Nureyev Raymonda a couple of months ago with divine Olga Yesina- wow! Worth every penny.

I’ll take NYCB and ABT - both! Sure, if I know casting in advance I may not opt for Sara Mearns...but if it’s Ashley Laracey or Emily Gerrity, YES! My point: It’s great to have options, to allow the rest of the world to see a lot of live ballet without having to travel and spend megabucks on airfare and hotels. It’s 2018. 

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