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Blackface in the Bolshoi's La fille de pharaon

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It would be really great to have Bolshoi cast a black dancer as Spartacus on its next US tour. It would add a new connotation to the plot and make Americans see it as an eternal hymn to freedom, rather than condescendingly dismiss it as "communist propaganda".

Carlos Acosta was the most amazing Spartacus I ever saw. I am so glad that his performance will live eternal as among the definitive ones, having been recorded and released on DVD.

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32 minutes ago, Mashinka said:

Looking at the present Bolshoi line up, I don't see a natural Spartacus in the ranks.  A guest might be a good idea, Brooklyn Mack perhaps?

Agree about Carlos Acosta, by far the best Spartacus this century.


Bolshoi does indeed have a natural Spartacus.  In my opinion, Mikhail Lobukhin is the best Spartacus the Bolshoi Theatre has - he is an amazing Spartacus with all the physical and dancing attributes for the role.  He  totally commands the stage.  His acting, theatricality, partnering, sheer quality in this role is outstanding.  

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