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Bolshoi Ballet Summer 2019 ROH London Residency

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On 7/10/2019 at 1:26 PM, Mashinka said:

With less than twenty days to go before first night I'm saddened that so many tickets remain unsold.  Only Swan Lake has sold out and most performances of Spartacus are selling well too.  However Bright Stream is doing badly and so too is Don Q.  For the last night there are literally hundreds of tickets available whereas the first night is sold out.  My solution would be for Vaziev to recall Alexandrova or negotiate with the RB for one of its principals, either Osipova, Nunez or Naghdi to get backsides on seats for the evening of the 17th.

Yes, Alexandrova has been out of commission since March, and while she's no longer in a cast, she's still undergoing rehabilitation.

This comment reflects the two-tier pricing system at the Bolshoi, because tickets for the new stage are substantially less expensive, but there are two productions for which I really have trouble stomaching the astronomical prices charged: Jewels and Don Quixote. There's nothing wrong with the ballets, obviously, but they are cast atrociously. I've seen the current production of Don Quixote four times, but I've stayed to the end only once.

As for The Bright Stream, @Xiaoyi is probably correct: the ticket prices are too high.

At this point the presenters are probably hoping that interest will grow once the season begins.

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Generally, the Bolshoi doesn't take dancers on tour to appear in only one ballet. Jacopo Tissi is an exception, but he is one of Vaziev's Most Highly Favored, so different rules apply.

Londoners may feel differently, but in Moscow Obraztsova does not go over well in Don Quixote. She danced excerpts from the ballet at the Maximova gala in February, and when she made her entrance, the silence was deafening.

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