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Skylar Brandt in Big Ballet-Moscow

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Has anyone been watching this? I can't understand any of the Russian while watching, but I was able to finish the first episode last night online on the Russian Kultura site. Whenever I've watched videos of Skylar in the past, it's been limited to what she posts on Instagram and also some youtube videos that aren't necessarily the greatest quality. I've never attended a live performance with her but have read some comments here. I was a fan before but after watching the clips, I'm even more so now.

Out of character, she's quirky and seems so down to earth. And then in character (Giselle), she's so dainty and expressive with her big doe eyes. Again, I have never been to a live performance, but could easily see how her performance could carry to an audience.

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Ksenia Shevtsova and Dmitri Sobolevski (Moscow Academic Theater Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko) 

Elena Svinko and Georgi Bolsunovski ( Krasnoyarsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theater) 

Amanda Gomes and Wagner Carvalho (Kazan Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Moussa Djalil) 

Ksenia Zakharova and Nikolay Maltsev (Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater) 

Miki Nishiguchi and Alexey Seliverstov (Yekaterinburg State Theater) 

Radka Příhodová and Adam Zvonař (Czech National Ballet, Prague) 

Julian MacKay (Mikhailovsky Theater, St. Petersburg) and Skylar Brandt (it was expected to be Marion Barbeau (Paris Opera Ballet) but it was changed to Skylar)


Also May Nagahisa and Victor Caixeta (Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg)  were expected but were cancelled due to Caixeta's injury.

No, they don't eliminate the lowest scorer. 


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Anyone know what the judges were saying about their performance? And if Skylar was being scored, how do you think she would have placed among the female competitors?

Also, she posted this on Instagram. I can't believe she did that performance after so little prep.


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What I do to get the English subtitles- on the you tube screen press the cc(closed captions) then press settings, then press subtitles, then autotranslate, then scroll down to English and they should come up for you on the screen. Sometimes the translations of the words are not always correct, but you still will be able to get an idea of what they are discussing. There might be an easier way to do this , but it has always worked for me.

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Just finished watching 5th episode, completely devoted to the modern Russian choreography.  Skylar was exceptional, totally immersed in choreography and the piece.  Judges were smitten (and so was Zakharova) praising her highly over her partner (she took it very gracefully).  Many (including judges) regret that Skylar does not compete; Vladimir Malakhov said that if she were competing he would give her 12 of possible 10.

 And praises on Russian ballet forum are equally pleasing.  Many wish for her participation in the “competition”.  

I feel very proud of our girl, and hope that this exposure will open new prospects for Skylar.  Way to go! 

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5 hours ago, yukionna4869 said:

New episode is up. I'm not too fond of the contemporary choreography, but I like those costumes. The male judges also gave Skylar a standing ovation. What a lovely gesture.

I actually very much enjoyed this. Skylar's performance in particular is quite mesmerizing. Same for the previous week's performance to the modern Italian piece that was choreographed specifically for them.

I think what I absolutely adore about Skylar is her versatility. She is one of those dancers that you can give any piece or genre and I feel she would do it well. Tiler Peck is another person who comes to mind that I feel this way with. Marinela Nunez too. And even many of the upcoming younger artists in foreign companies seem to exude this as well (like Maria Khoreva and the some of her fellow graduates). 

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