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Seating Advice at the Met

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As for “Met traditions,” one of my favorite things on pleasant summer evenings is to arrive on the Plaza early, sit for awhile in the shady grove on the side of the opera house, watch the evening crowds arrive, and have a gelato before the performance. I also vouch for the coffee and chocolate flavors, and my partner, who is a learned aficionado of all things vanilla, endorses their variations on vanilla. While we’re on the subject of food, I love the warm grain bowl at le pain quotidien. On a recent trip to Philly to see the matinee and evening performances of Swan Lake, I whiled away the interval between performances at a nearby Le PQ. 

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1 hour ago, CTballetfan said:

hat evening a graduation ceremony for Cardozo Law School was just letting out of Geffen Hall onto the plaza and the graduates and families were queueing up for gelato too. Very festive!

sandik and I were on our way home from something dancey out here last week -- there's so much this time of year, it's all blending together -- and behind us at Dick's Drive-in were a newly minted University of Washington grad and her lovely mother -- so that makes me smile doubly.

The great thing about NYC is you just have to look around and throw a virtual dart, and there's something to experience.

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Masseria dei Vini on 9th and 58th is a nice Italian restaurant and very well priced for the neighborhood.  Not thought of as a pre theater place, but actually very close. Rosa Mexicano is also a classic if you like higher end Mexican that is just across the street from LC. I agree that Blue Ribbon Sushi is excellent for sushi.  Stay away from PJ Clarke’s - I’ve never had a good meal there.  I actually think Fiorella’s does have good food - their lasagna is insanely decadent and delicious. And finally for a very quick bite, witchcraft, which is just across the street in the atrium has tasty sandwiches for a very quick very reasonable meal. 

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20 minutes ago, CTballetfan said:

The last two evenings I have gone into the atrium this spring Wichcraft was closed. The atrium is open but no food is served.

When I stopped by last  month, a new catering company was serving sandwiches and beverages in the same place, but they said Wichcraft was no longer operating there. Can't remember the name of the new one, but the offerings seemed comparable. I was sorry to see Wichcraft go - it's owned by Tom Colicchio, who has been very outspoken in support of food programs for the poor.  They're still at other locations:


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