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Eifman Ballet! So what did you think?

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Someone must have seen this company -- we've heard nothing from Chicago, or California, or, now, New York!

What do you think? (Please note, Eifman lovers and Eifman haters, and all those in between, equally welcome! Or we can have a thumbs up Eifman thread and a thumbs down Eifman thread. Whatever pleases you ?) )

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I don't think Eifman has been to California for a year or two so I hope I'm not missing anything. I am a die-hard classical ballet fan and didn't expect to like Eifman at all. But I did...not wild about it but if his company came again I'd see it. Let's say my thunb is horizontal.


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My wife saw Eifman's "TCHAIKOVSKY The Mystery of Life And Death" in Chicago and loved it. I didn't make this performance, and haven't had the opportunity to get many details from her yet, but she loved the choreography, music, dancers, scenery...

Definately a thumbs up from her. I'll ask her for more details and try to post at a later date.

This is the third year she's seen the Eifman Ballet (2000 in NY - Red Giselle I think and 2001 in Chicago - Russian Hamlet). She loves his choreography.

They also performed Don Juan & Moliere in Chicago but neither of us saw that performance.

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