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ABT 2018 La Bayadere

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3 hours ago, canbelto said:

Teuscher reminds me more of Michele Wiles, another KM favorite who was all of a sudden cast in everything regardless of actual suitability. Like Teuscher Wiles was tall and a strong technician. Her limitations in interpretation became worse, not better, the more she was cast. I hope Teuscher doesn't go the way of Wiles.


I agree completely.


1 hour ago, vipa said:

I might be overstating ABTFan but the basis for my thinking is that Trenary not only got Aurora in the Ratmansky SB but did opening night in Paris. Also, as you stated she was cast in Columbine in the original casting.


That makes sense and it's a good point.


1 hour ago, fondoffouettes said:

They are both young artists who’ve been given quite a few opportunities in recent years, but my sense (at least at this early stage of their careers) is that Trenary is a more fully developed artist, whereas Brandt goes for whiz-bang technical feats. Trenary has a certain ease, warmth and old-school glamour about her that I also find very compelling. 


Old-school glamour is a great way of describing Trenary. Brandt is a more modern American ballerina. Right now they are cast in mostly the same roles. I think in the future that may change. I can see Trenary doing Giselle, Juliet, Nikiya and Aurora of course, but not Brandt. Brandt is definitely a Kitri (Trenary too), Gamzatti, Medora (to me, she'd be great as an Act I Giselle, but I cannot picture her in Act II as a wili).

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