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9 hours ago, dirac said:

My guess is Kathleen is right. Which is too bad, because the older Nutcracker is readily available any number of other ways.

"Older Nutcracker"?  The 1993 Warner Brothers production was well-liked for Darci Kistler's "Sugar Plum", Kyra Nichols's "Dewdrop" (worth the price in the day, just in itself; the most authentic dancing in the whole show, IMHO) and Emil Ardolino's sensitive and sympathetic direction.  The relatively recent 2011 PBS production was put to shame, in my experience, just a week later, by Villella's MCB's version, in Ft. Lauderdale.  (When you could get a good idea of the dancing at all, what with the interfering camera-work in the later one.)

Older than that?  (Any with Balanchine's "Drosselmeier"?  Just for kicks.  It's things like Villella's "Candy Canes" in one from the '50s deserves to be seen.) 

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Yes, the older Nutcracker was released in the nineties, and the relatively new DVD with Fairchild, et al. is of much more recent vintage. My point was that it's a lot easier to find footage of the older version without buying the DVD. (I wasn't referring to quality, although I was disappointed in the feature film despite the pedigree and good intentions of all involved. Maybe if Mr. B had still been around to supervise things.....)

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