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Kirov's new works by young choreographers

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There's an article in St. Petersburg Times about the Kirov Ballet's new programme this weekend consisting of creations by some young choreographers including its own dancer Kiril Simonov who choreogaphed the new production of Nutcracker last February.


Also in a fortnight's time, the Kirov will premiere Balanchine's "Prodigal Son" in an all-Balanchine programme which also includes "Theme and Variatioins" and "Serenade"

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NO7, thanks for pointing out that review. The closing paragraph is quite thought-provoking.

"In all, the production makes one wonder whether, after half a century, the native city of Georgy Melitonovich Balanchivadze - the city in which he grew up, where he studied at the conservatory and where he first appeared on stage - might soon become known as "the home of Balanchine."

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'Thought provoking?' Try wishful thinking. While it's encouraging that the Mariinsky is gradually adding Balanchine to its repertory, any serious challenge of being 'the house of Balanchine' must includes his 'leotard' ballets. The training and available coaching is in place, but will it ever be taken advantage of? A ballet that would be perfect for this company is LIEBESLIEDER WALTZER because they could employ any of their singers.

For now, that road leading to the 'house' still has to go through New York/Harlem, Seattle, San Francisco, and Miami. I'm not saying it can't happen in St. Petersburg, but it's going to take time and an attitude adjustment on the Mariinsky's part.

It's amusing that PRODIGAL is included within this thread for 'young choreographers.'

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In fairness though, Patricia, Balanchine was only 24 when he created 'Prodigal', so he has a perfect right to be called 'young'- he just isn't 'new'.

I am personally very excited about the way Balanchine is growing, albeit slowly, on Russian ballet audiences (they truly do not know what a treat they have in store). I now have similar hopes for Ashton's introduction to the Russians - the Bolshoi are doing his 'Fille mal Gardee' shortly. Another treat in store for those luckily ignorant Russian ballet fans!

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Although I am looking forward to seeing the Kirov perform Jewels at the Kennedy Center, I think for a company to become a "House of ..." of a choreographer, I think it has to follow his/her philosophy of dance. I think many companies, especially the Kirov, look good in Balanchine because he made dancers look good smile.gif But I think a company would have to perform consistently in the Balanchine style, and train in his technique to be a "House of Balanchine." There would also be a question of rep, of temperament.

However, I don't want this to be interpreted as slight to the Kirov. The company performs well in Balanchine and I can see how they would be very successul in Prodigal Son. I would love to see it.

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