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Bolshoi Ballet 2018/19 season

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Bolshoi Ballet has announced their 2018/2019 season.


Wheeldon's Winter's Tale,

Forsythe's Artifact

creations by Edward Clug (Petrushka) & Vyacheslav Samodurov

Béjart's Gaîté Parisienne

Gala Night in Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of Ekaterina Maximova's birth (1 FEBRUARY 2019)

Their tours, La Scala in Milan, Riga Latvia, Brisbane Australia and London. 

London tour is 25 JULY – 17 AUGUST 2019 Royal Opera House and repertoire is TBA.  

Also, accouding to this report,


The Bolshoi is pondering a possibility of taking the 'Nureyev' ballet on a tour, received requests from London.


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 So lovely to see that the glorious memory of Maximova on her 80th Anniversary is honoured with not only a gala but an exhibition and the Balanchine and Petit anniversaries (115th and 95th respectively) are honoured with both a production and a dedicated exhibition as well.  

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This afternoon Alyona Kovalyova with Artemy Belyakov made her debut as Raymonda. Among three other very fine fine casts, Olga Smirnova appeared last night with Jacopo Tissi. I would have liked very much to have seen these. Although I don't believe that I'm allowed to post them I would like to check Ballet Friends from Russia for comments. The two other casts are Ekaterina Krysanova with Semyon Chudin and  Anna Nikulina with Artemy Belyakov 



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On 12/2/2018 at 3:24 AM, Buddy said:

The two other casts are Ekaterina Krysanova with Semyon Chudin and  Anna Nikulina with Artemy Belyakov 

I believe it was Artem Ovcharenko, not Beyakov, who was Nikulina's Jeanne de Brienne.

Kovalyova and Belyakov must have made a beautiful couple. Have they danced together before?

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7 hours ago, rhys said:

I believe it was Artem Ovcharenko, not Beyakov, who was Nikulina's Jeanne de Brienne.

Kovalyova and Belyakov must have made a beautiful couple. Have they danced together before?

Several excerpts are on YT.  Here is one:




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7 hours ago, MadameP said:

Several excerpts are on YT.  Here is one:




Alyona Kovalyova -- How Absolutely Beautiful !

And on first viewings -- A significant change.

I'll stay with this video only for the moment as to maintain the 'spell.' I look forward to seeing others.

Thanks, MadameP.

So what's the big change ?  Unbroken Flow.

I don't know how this came about (coaching, or something else?), but for now it's quite different and extremely noteworthy.

Recently I've been watching her videos and what has separated her from Oksana Skorik, whom I consider to be perhaps the most beautiful ballerina in the world, was her rhythm or phrasing of motion. No more. I liked what she did very much and she may continue it, but for now she moves like an unbroken current of dreamlike loveliness that lifts a person like myself as enchantingly as she is embracingly a goddess of motion.


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I thank you very much as well, MadameP.

I've been watching these videos on and off all day along with quick glimpses at Oksana Skorik, Ulyana Lopatkina and Olga Smirnova performing some of the same dances. They are all immensely commendable.

A quality I'm beginning to sense in Alyona Kovalyova's recent refinement (one that I hope that she retains) is a lovely economy and cleaness of motion. Another name comes to mind -- Mozart. 

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Perhaps contrary to popularity-contest expectations, Georgy Gusev (class of 2010, initially a dancer at the Stanislavsky) has been promoted to soloist. He is probably most familiar to international audiences for his roles as Grumio in The Taming of the Shrew (whom I found to to be the ballet's sole sympathetic character) and the Blind Boy in A Hero of Our Time in the broadcasts of those works.

Gusev's prospects for career advancement are limited because he is very short in stature, but he is an interesting dancer, and this is one of the few promotions of the Vaziev era with which I agree. Congratulations to Gusev. :flowers:

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Today is the day that I usually go figure skating (perpetual beginner style)  and along comes this. Too many great names to pass up.

For sixteen performances starting December 20, Olga Smirnova will be appearing in an ice show of Swan Lake. The director will be Sergei Felin.


From the video glimpses (bottom of page) she won’t be skating. 


Former Olympic icon, Evgeny Plushenko (with Yana Rudkovskaya) created this and he will appear (on ice and stage).

Garrett Smith from Salt Lake City will be dancing (Black Magician) with Olga Smirnova. He apparently has danced with her before. He probably also had a hand in the choreography as he did a fine job with this at a Mariinsky Festival Gala two years ago.

Adeline Sotnikova - Olympic Champion (Sochi 2014) will appear as the Black Swan.


Here’s the description (Google translation)

Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko will present Swan Lake on the ice for the whole family based on the most famous ballet of the world, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

On the new show, Yana Rudkovskaya says: “This is an experiment, this is a sensation, this is a real creative collaboration of two genres - ballet on the floor and figure skating. Russian ballet and Russian Olympic champions are two prides of our country. This pride, this love lives in the heart of each of us, so I know that this will be something incredible and very close to everyone before whom the curtain of our show opens. I myself am intrigued and can't wait for the premiere. ”

The unique set design of the show will really allow viewers to see not only the performance of figure skaters on the ice, but also ballet dancers on the dance floor.

Space transformations, vivid visual effects, multimedia technologies will tell a new familiar love story in a new way.

In the development of the show great attention is paid to the relevance and newness of technology to surprise, leave a mark and make the show interesting for the smallest viewer.

Director of the show Sergey Filin - Russian ballet dancer, for many years the artistic director of the Bolshoi ballet troupe - decided to combine ballet parquet and ice. Evgeni Plushenko will perform not only on the ice, but also on the stage.

On the ballet stage the Prima Ballet Dancer of the Bolshoi Theater Olga Smirnova as White Swan surrounded by 24 more dancers will shine.

In the role of the Black Magician, American dancer Garrett Smith, on the ice, this role will be performed by Canadian figure skater Emanuel Sandue (three-time Canadian champion, winner of the Grand Prix final in figure skating 2004). Adeline Sotnikova - Olympic Champion of Sochi 2014 - will appear before the audience in the role of the Black Swan.

Special attention in the show is given to children's ballet and figure skating. Students of the Academy of the Figured Company Evgeni Plushenko and pupils of ballet schools participate in the show.

Ballet-tale for the whole family "Swan Lake" will be held from December 20 to December 31, 2018 in the new VTB ARENA Park (m. Dynamo).

Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes (with intermission)

10-row double-rise stalls, providing excellent visibility from any location and row.


[Thanks once again to Sophia at Dansomanie for finding this]




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20 hours ago, Quinten said:

This isn’t actually part of the Bolshoi 2018-19 season, is it?  

Quinten, as far as I can tell, it isn't. I slotted it in here because on the ballet side it features two of the big names at the Bolshoi, Olga Smirnova and Sergey Filin.

Thanks, Daniel, for the video. Olga Smirnova and Garrett Smith may have met at the 2017 Mariinsky Festival where they were both very noteworthy.  She was spectacular !  Maybe this will be an ongoing collaboration. She'll be able to broaden her horizons and he has the ability to be a very worthwhile modern ballet choreographer.

I agree, Helene, that this looks like a high quality and potentially exciting and highly entertaining endeavor. That Olga Smirnova and Sergey Filin would want to involve themselves is a good sign. I'm always hoping for more artistry in figure skating as the new competitive rules seems to highly favor athleticism. That figure skating's Evgeny Plushenko and in particular recent Olympic champion, Adeline Sotnikova, who many feel won because of her athleticism, would want to involve themselves is encouraging.

And it's a good chance for ballet artistry to be enjoyed by a broader audience including young children. Overall it just seems like a very nice collaboration.  

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6 hours ago, naomikage said:

A rehearsal clip of Smirnova and Plushenko rehearsing Swan Lake on Plushenko's instagram


Thanks, Naomikage.

I think that a chance to see Olga Smirnova doing anything is a thrill.

There's something about ballet artistry. It's such a subtle and delicate beauty that you wouldn't expect it to have a great effect in a more animated environment such as figure skating. Yet as exciting (even artistic) as Evgeny Plushenko can be, the quiet yet remarkable beauty of Olga Smirnova is compelling. 

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