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The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center (TAPAC) and the Herzeliya Performing Arts Center have the two major dance series in Israel.

These are their offerings for the 2018/9 series. I would really love to expose my 12 year old daughter to world-class ballet and dance and we decided to allocate some of her bat mitzvah money to dance and theatre, but I am not sure which of these series is preferable.


Tanzteater Wuppertala – Pina Bausch 
Masurca Fogo by Pina Bausch

Eifman Ballet – Tchaikovsky and Russian Hamlet

Company Wayne McGregor

Yuri Grigorovich Dance Theater – Spartacus

Les Grands Ballet Canadiennes – Vendetta-Storie di Mafia by Anabelle Lopez Ochoa

Sasha Waltz & Guests

Ballet Hispanico – Carmen

[Looks good on paper but (a) Eifman is not my thing and (b) I’m not prudish but some of these shows do not look appropriate for a 12 year old.]


St. Petersburg Ballet – Swan Lake (with Irina Kolesnikova)

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Netherland Dans Theatre 2

Vertigo (Israeli dance Company)

Bat Sheva – world premiere by Sharon Eyal

[Previous seasons have been much more imaginative. This is rather meh…]

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The first does seem more interesting —at least it is what I would pick — but if your daughter has never seen Swan Lake, and you want to expose her to traditional ballet, then perhaps that’s an experience she would appreciate (if the music is live anyway). But you might just get a ticket for that company I suppose and not the series.

And you know your daughter best—how mature she is, whether she might find, say, McGregor and Bausch etc. exciting/inspiring....even if some of the materials in those programs are more intense (or even because they are)....

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Thanks, Drew. The more I look at it, the Tel Aviv series is the better one. 

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